As I think of the days gone by it is great that the Lord allowed our paths to cross.

Let me share with you how the Lord is allowing me to be in ministry at this time in my life. These years in my life are now called the Golden Years.

In July 2003 the Coleman family moved to Tucson, Arizona from Virginia where I had pastored for a good number of years. We joined Rincon Baptist Church where we became active in the Lord’s work through the local church. I was also praying for the Lord’s leading in a special place of service in the Kingdom work of God. I heard about a church on the Tohono O'odham Indian Reservation in Sells, Arizona that did not have a pastor. I could not get the need for this work of God out of my spirit. I mentioned it to my wife on the first Sunday morning in October 2003 that I was going to visit the church. The church is about 65 miles from my home in Tucson; I knew no one there and no one knew me, but I knew the Lord was leading. When I arrived at the church, I met two men Jay Juan and Bruce Pablo. I said I believe the Lord led me here, and I came to worship with you all today. After the service I met with church members and they asked if I would come and help. I knew from the first day God had led me there to help.

I have been working with the church ever since then. The name of the church is First Papago Baptist. I started praying for God to call someone from the Tohono O'odham Nation to pastor the church. God was working in a young man's heart by the name of Johnny (Jay) Juan, he shared that with me, and we continued to pray and watch him grow in the Lord. He was later licensed, then ordained into the gospel ministry as pastor. Praise God!

I am working with the church and him, Preaching, Teaching, and Soul Winning, going into other villages, and working for the glory of God. We have seen a good number of souls saved and baptized. The work of God is going forward; I believe God has set me apart at this time in my life to be a missionary to the Tohono O'odham Indian Reservation.


We need your Love, Prayers, and Support.

Your Mission Servant for Jesus,

Brother John Coleman


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