Please take note of the following excerpt from Tucson Mayor Regina Romero's June 18 Proclamation:

Effective on June 20, 2020 at 6:00am, and continuing thereafter until this Proclamation and its Orders are rescinded, terminated or modified, every person within the jurisdiction of the City of Tucson who is two (2) years of age or older is required to cover his or her nose and mouth with a Face Covering when in a Public Setting where continuous Physical Distancing is difficult or impossible.

Please help us in doing our part to protect all memebers of our community and abide by the guidelines outlined in this proclamation. Thank you. To see the Proclamation in it's entirety please click here:



Rincon Baptist Church has STOPPED all in-person worship as of Wednesday, July 8. Online only services will continue through at least July 26. We will tentatively meet again in person at the Sunday Morning Worship Service on August 2.

We will continue to hold Sunday morning services ONLINE ONLY. You can find us on Facebook or at For now, there will be NO Sunday evening services, and the Wednesday Evening Prayer Gathering will continue to be ONLINE ONLY.

The Youth Group began meeting on July 22, but the Young Adult group is still not meeting.

Our greatest concern is the protection of our people, especially the members of our congregation that are at the greatest risk: people who are 65 or older, those with underlying medical conditions and those who are immunocompromised. We will do all we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19 not only in our church, but in our community as well.

The following guidelines remain in place:

  • No in-person Sunday worship services. Sunday Morning Worship Services and Wednesday Night Prayer Gathering will be held ONLINE ONLY.

  • There will be no Bible study or Sunday School classes.

  • Wednesday night Youth Group resumed July 22.

  • Monday night Young Adult groups are still suspended

This is something that is new to all of us. We are carefully monitoring what our government officials are saying, what other pastors and churches are doing and the conditions in our state, county and city. There is going to be some trial and error in what we do in the coming weeks, but we have no precedence or experience from which to draw.

Please pray for us as we do our best to protect all of you and as we take steps to safely introduce our members and guests back into the sanctuary. We do look forward to seeing all of you who choose to attend. We encourage you to gather safely and always be considerate of those around you.



  1. Listen to and follow the directions of your state and local authorities.

  2. If you feel sick, stay home. Do not go to work. Contact your medical provider.

  3. If your children are sick, keep them at home. Do not send them to school. Contact your medical provider.

  4. If someone in your household has tested positive for the coronavirus, keep the entire household at home. Do not go to work. Do not go to school. Contact your medical provider.

  5. If you are an older person, stay home and away from other people.

  6. If you are a person with a serious underlying health condition that can put you at increased risk (for example, a condition that impairs your lung or heart function or weakens your immune system), stay home and away from other people.

  7. Even if you are young, or otherwise healthy, you are at risk and your activities can increase the risk for others. It is critical that you do your part to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

  8. Work or engage in schooling from home whenever possible.

  9. If you work in a critical infrastructure industry, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, such as healthcare services and pharmaceutical and food supply, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule. You and your employers should follow CDC guidance to protect your health at work.

  10. Avoid social gatherings in groups of more than 10 people.

  11. Avoid eating or drinking at bars, restaurants, and food courts - use drive-thru, pickup, or delivery options.

  12. Avoid discretionary travel, shopping trips, and social visits.

  13. Do not visit nursing homes or retirement or long-term care facilities unless to provide critical assistance.

  14. Practice good hygiene:

  • Wash your hands, especially after touching any frequently used item or surface.

  • Avoid touching your face.

  • Sneeze or cough into a tissue, or the inside of your elbow.

  • Disinfect frequently used items and surfaces as much as possible.